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History of Harrow Taekwondo

We started in August 1990 in Whitmore High school in South Harrow with one bona fide student from Harrow. At the time I was teaching in Watford and St Albans and had nearly 20 black belts and a whole host of students at different grades. This was a new adventure and it was exciting.  


The size of the club increased and truly flourished within a year. We moved from Whitmore High School to Kodak Sports Centre, and started to see success not only in Tae Kwon Do Championships, but also in school and at work for our students. 

A milestone came when I took a number of my students to Holland to compete in the European Championships. Not surprisingly, the quality of our club training transpired and we came back with a trunk full of Gold and Silver medals.  


We moved venue a few years later and started training in schools, Priestmead and latterly Stanburn. At this point, the Pinner school was started in West Lodge School, eventually moving to Northwood School sports centre. These students continued the great things that were happening in their sister school in Harrow.



About Our Students

Some Interesting Facts about our Club and Students

  • Most of our younger students go on to university and become very successful people

  • Our excellence extends across to all ages and background

  • We have a number of parents training with their sons/daughters.

  • The club has many British, English and European Champions.

  • We are proud to be a member of the British United Taekwondo Federation.

  • We run under the strict supervision of Grandmaster Au 9th Dan, who is one of the worlds greatest authorities in TKD and TKD technique.



Our training is not just about kicking and punching.  It is about self development. It is about being honest with where you are and then making the effort to get to where you want to be.


Harrow Taekwondo students are given opportunities to excel and to find their place in the world.  Each student is prepared and supported by a dedicated black belt who will help to teach a peer group (belt grade).  We also run a mentoring scheme for junior grades. 



Grandmaster A Manning IX Dan Black Belt – BSc, MSc, MA, FCIPD

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