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Safe Taekwondo Training During Covid 19

Harrow Taekwondo School is reopening for children's classes (under 18's) from the 13th April 2021, following updates to the government's Covid lockdown roadmap. We will update with further information when adult training is possible.

As the UK begins reopening after the Covid 19 lockdown, it is essential that sports clubs observe strict protocols to ensure the safety of participants and those with whom they are in subsequent contact.


Harrow Taekwondo Club has reopened for training in line with government advice, and will be enforcing measures to ensure we can continue to train in aspects of Taekwondo without risk. 

Contact sports have strict limits as the UK re-emerges from lockdown, and with this in mind, we will not yet be able to resume the full range of training activities. However, we are confident in being able to deliver a high quality class that will encourage quality Taekwondo development.

For more, see our detailed explainers below or read our FAQ section.


Safety Principles

Arrive Safe

  • Check in by scanning the QR code at the venue with your smartphone 

  • Get your temperature checked

  • Clean your hands with the sanitiser provided


Train Safe

  • Smaller class numbers and safe distancing

  • No contact training, including sparring

  • You may wear a mask if you prefer


Pack Safe

  • Arrive wearing your dobok

  • Sparring gear will not be needed

  • Bring your own yoga mat if possible


Leave Safe

  • Leave promptly through the separate exit

  • Clean your hands on the way out

Track and Trace Check-In

  • We will be using a contact tracing app which students or their parents/guardians must use via smartphone when arriving for training.

  • We will have a scannable QR code at the entrance to the training hall. 

  • Scan the code using your smartphone camera and you will be asked to fill in your Name, Email Address and Phone number.

  • To speed up the process, we would encourage you to download the free EvePass app for iPhone or Android. Check in is also possible without the app.

  • In keeping with GDPR guidelines, we will not use the data collected in this fashion for any purpose except the requirement for recontacting club participants in the event of a reported Covid 19 infection from any attending student. All recorded data is automatically deleted from the database after a set time limit.



Can I train if I don’t feel 100% well?

No. If you have any symptoms that are cold or flu-like, please do not attempt to train. Rest and return after an appropriate period of isolation.

I feel in good health, can I spar or do more intense training?

No. Unfortunately, asymptomatic transmission is a very real danger. Even if you feel in fine health, it does not guarantee the safety of those around you.

Should I wear a mask for training?

This is optional, rather than compulsory. If you wish to do so, we will support this.

How do I check in for training?

Using a smartphone, you’ll need to scan a QR code at the entrance to the hall then enter your Name, Phone Number and Email address. To speed up this process, we encourage you to install the free EvePass app for iPhone or Android, which has one-time setup.

Can we use the toilets at the training hall?

Toilets are available and are kept clean, but where possible, we would encourage you to avoid using them. If required, please use the hand sanitiser provided afterwards as well as thoroughly washing your hands.


I don’t yet feel safe to return to training, is this ok?

No student will be compelled to return to training if they or their family do not feel that it’s safe for them to do so.

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